Monday, April 1, 2013

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REVIEW - True Heroes

Vidder Name: Nico-Angel
Video Name: True Heroes
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: A tribute to Buffy, Angel and the tenth doctor.

Review: Okay. I'll be honest. I was skeptical because cross-fandom videos are really hard to pull off but how wrong was I to be a skeptic. You. Rocked. This. Rocked it in a way that makes me want to use words like "hizzouse," and that is serious. I can't get enough of the way you draw parallels between these characters by showing them in similar situations and in visually similar scenes. You chose scenes that were the most effective as opposed to those that were just the most obvious. I love the way you use effects without overusing effects and editing in a way that is so seamless and lovely you hardly notice it and are impressed by it all at the same time. This is just materful. I also love the split screens like the one with Angel and Buffy kissing on the beach split with the Doctor/Rose scene. The bridge of the song was so heartbreaking. Just beautiful. You even made voice overs work... also a hard thing to pull off. Rock on, friend. Rock. On.

REVIEW - Never Say Never

Vidder Name: BlurryAngel07
Video Name: Never say Never
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Even after everything Buffy and Angel could never let the other go in their heart.

Review: This is such a sweet and lovely video. It's so nice to see an old school Bangel video. The scenes you chose and the song selection just really brought me back to these days and brought back so many emotions! The way you use similar effects throughout the video really tie it all together, and I LOVE the sequence with the black flashes at 2:44. Truly beautiful.

REVIEW - Steve McGarrett/Ezio Auditore

Vidder Name: Galadriel
Video Name: Steve McGarrett/Ezio Auditore
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Vid about Steve and Ezio, how similar their stories.

Review: Um. Yeah. This is awesome. The visuals of this video are completely stunning. The editing is flawless and the effects are perfect. They enhance the video without being distracting. This is a very compelling video. It had my undivided attention the whole time. I can tell tons of work and thought went into this video. Awesome job!!