Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Thank you everyone for participating this Summer! The reviews are posted and if I missed yours, please let me know! Excited to see what comes next! Don't hesitate to tell your friends we still exist over here! We move pretty slow, I know, but there are plenty of reviews to go around for everybody. :) Take care, and I'll see you back here soon!

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REVIEW: Seven Nation Army

Vidder Name: BlurryAngel07
Video Name: Seven Nation Army
Brief Description: Just an over-view of the whole show.

Review from Cec: I never. Ever. Ever. Get tired of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. or of Seven Nation Army. So this giant amazing montage of that song and show is just exactly what I needed in my life today. And not only do you have amazing taste, friend, but you also have mad skills! The editing is quick, clean, and well-matched to the rhythm. I love the way the special effects you use at a perfect visual match for those scratchy sound effects. Fantastic! I can tell a ton of work went into this video, and it definitely paid off!

REVIEW: The Captain of the White Tower

Vidder Name: Galadriel
Video Name: Boromir, The Captain of the White Tower
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Vidlet about Boromir.

Review from Cec: There is such a great atmosphere to this video. I love the slow fades and the moments of blank screens that tend to go along with silent moments in the song. The song was an awesome choice, perfectly calm and contemplative. Fantastic work. The video as a whole is clean and stark and very emotionally touching. I loved it!

REVIEW: Love the Way You Lie

Vidder Name: strawberrybisque
Video Name: Love the Way You Lie
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: An AU video about the characters Agent Emily Prentiss and Ian Doyle. The video is from both characters' point of view at different times, you should be able to decipher who is 'speaking' - Rihanna speaks for Emily and Eminem for Ian. In my version of their story Emily and Ian are involved in an ongoing abusive relationship, they simply can't stay away from each other.

Review from Cec: Very cool AU take on this song and these two people. The way you used clips of the original music video is a really cool touch! The editing and effects are awesome. The way you use overlays to represent "memories" in the video is awesome. Great use of black flashes and quick cuts. The editing works beautifully with the rhythm of the song, and the scenes match well to the lyrics. Very well thought out all around. Great job!

REVIEW: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Other Guys

Vidder Name: Valika
Video Name: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Other Guys
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: The source is an old German black-and-white TV-show, Raumpatrouille/ Space Patrol Orion from the sixties. This is my all-time favourite sci-fi show. Just a bouncy, light-hearted team video, full of action and explosions. Oh, and the space dance!

Review from Cec: I'm loving this! As any Firefly fan can tell you, a little western style combined with Sci-Fi can be an awesome thing. :) Not only is this just a really fun idea for a video, it's also very well executed! You used scenes and and edits that work beautifully with the rhythm and sound of the music. Nice work!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

REVIEW: Sherlock & John • Rubik's Cube

Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: Sherlock & John • Rubik's Cube
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: John says 'Don't be dead. Just for me' and Sherlock isn't dead.. Just for him

Review: This is a very sweet, melancholy video. I like the dark coloring and high contrast you used. The voice overs were chosen well and placed strategically throughout the video. Nicely done, and well thought-out video!


Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: MultiFandom † Sail {Dubstep Remix}
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Just a video to have fun watching! It is a gift for a vidder who won a contest I hosted so it have her favorite fandoms in it!

Review: Holy crap. This is hard core!! I absolutely love what you've done. I was so sad when it was over. You did an incredible job with the effects and with the editing. the cuts and changes in the effects matched perfectly with the rhythm of the song. I love the helter-skelter feel of the whole thing. Dark and awesome. Great work!!