Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Welcome back, vidders! Thank you all for visiting and participating! I can't wait to see the next batch of videos!

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By the way, this is August, which means it is our anniversary month! We first opened the BBM Awards in August of 2004, which means we have been at this for NINE years. NINE! I was 16, and I'm 25 now. You guys have been with me through some pretty important life events, and I am so grateful for having an opportunity to enjoy all of your work for these many years! Thank you so much!


Monday, August 26, 2013

REVIEW: Sam's Time of Dying

Vidder Name: Mazza
Video Name: http://www.4shared.com/video/770lZc4N/Ghost_Time_of_Dying_March_09.html
Link to the page that contains the video: http://dittomusicvideos.webs.com/films.htm
Brief description: A brief overview of the film Ghost and a tribute to not only one of my favourite films but also my all-time favourite actor, Patrick Swayze.

Review: This was a much more action packed video than I expected! You did a great job of matching the lyrics to the song and of utilizing the beats of the song to guide your editing. The emotions of this video are so intense! Great job!

REVIEW: A Game of Love

Vidder Name: KitKat
Video Name: A Game Of Love
Link to the page that contains the video: http://www.btvsfans.com/videos/other/vidother.html
Brief description: Sansa's love was misplaced, a truth bitterly learned, but can Tyrion show her the way to real love?

Review: The way you used similar effects throughout the video ties together all the scenes, and it looks really good. The simplicity of the music and scenes, the clear editing, and the subtle effects draw attention to the story, and it makes for a really beautiful video. You did a great job with this. Just gorgeous!


REVIEW: What Hurts the Most

Vidder Name:Cassie
Video Name:What hurts the most
Link to the page that contains the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXa1llPopSc
Brief description:: in this AU Brennan confesses her feelings for booth he tells her that it can never be. Brennan heart is torn into pieces because she knows that she could never love someone as much as she loves Booth.

Cec: Yikes. Why not just rip my heart out?! Thanks a lot! I kid, but seriously. This was a convincing and very emotional AU video. You did a good job of sequencing the clips to tell the story in a coherent way, and you also utilized well special effects like overlays and black and white to separate the current storyline from the memories and flashbacks. This is a really lovely video. Great work!

REVIEW: Burn It Down

Vidder Name: Morgan
Video Name: Burn It Down
Link to the page that contains the video: http://www.btvsfans.com/videos/lol/vidlol.html
Brief description: It's graduation day! Time for Buffy and the Scoobies to burn those bridges--and more!

Cec: I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking this video through! Every single line is matched perfectly with the scene you edited with it. I love that you used scenes from all throughout the series. So cool! This was such a fun video! I loved reliving the old Buffy days, and I love that you created such a fast moving video! Perfect ending scene. Great work!


REVIEW: How To Be A Heartbreaker

Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: Katherine Pierce • How To Be A Heartbreaker
Link to the page that contains the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lk9A2pnHc4
Brief description: Kath teaches us how to be a heartbreaker with great style. Just something to have fun with =)

Review:  Yeah. you rocked this. I thought it was precious the way you had the "rule #__" text pop up. That was well done. The way you incorporated flashbacks with present day shots was nice. You did a great job with the edits and the special effects. The way you alter the color and contrast really pulls the video together. I loved the way the vid never stopped moving, and the ending was just too good. Way to go! Loved it!


REVIEW: Kung-Fu Fighting

Vidder Name: Valika
Video Name: Kung-Fu Fighting
Link to the page that contains the video: http://mywebgate.yolasite.com/other-videos.php
Brief description: Everybody was (kung-fu) sword fighting! The source is a very old Hungarian movie, "A koppányi aga testamentuma" in English: "The Last Will and Testament of the Aga of Koppany"

Cec: What a fun video! I liked the way you incorporated the reactions of the bystanders into the video.  I also really liked the way often timed the edits to match beats of the song. Very nice job!


REVIEW: Down in the Treme McDanno Style

Vidder Name: Galadriel
Video Name: Down in the Treme McDanno Style
Link to the page that contains the video: http://galadrielshome.yolasite.com/h50-treme.php
Brief description: A little bit McDanno, a lot of action and some fun :)

Review: I was sold on this before I even hit the 15 second mark! . I love the unusual (but awesome!!) song choice, the light tone, and pulsing rhythm shared by the song and the editing. This video is just a blast to watch, and I can tell that you must have had a blast making it! Fabulous job!


REVIEW: Midnight Rider

Vidder Name: Tami Brandt
Video Name: Midnight Rider
Link to the page that contains the video: http://www.skyefaerie.net/fanfiction/tvideos.html
Brief description: Supernatural. Song by The Allman Brothers Band. Demons aren't the only ones hunting Dean, but no one will catch this midnight rider. Rated: PG-13

Review: This video has so much attitude, and I love it! The song choice and scenes make for a super fun video to watch! The way you matched the scenes and lyrics showed great attention to detail. Very nicely done! You told a great story with this video!