Tuesday, July 29, 2014

REVIEW: Sherlock & John • Rubik's Cube

Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: Sherlock & John • Rubik's Cube
Link to the page that contains the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8oHY2rCi00
Brief description: John says 'Don't be dead. Just for me' and Sherlock isn't dead.. Just for him

Review: This is a very sweet, melancholy video. I like the dark coloring and high contrast you used. The voice overs were chosen well and placed strategically throughout the video. Nicely done, and well thought-out video!


Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: MultiFandom † Sail {Dubstep Remix}
Link to the page that contains the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqX__OxhLoo
Brief description: Just a video to have fun watching! It is a gift for a vidder who won a contest I hosted so it have her favorite fandoms in it!

Review: Holy crap. This is hard core!! I absolutely love what you've done. I was so sad when it was over. You did an incredible job with the effects and with the editing. the cuts and changes in the effects matched perfectly with the rhythm of the song. I love the helter-skelter feel of the whole thing. Dark and awesome. Great work!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comment here to submit videos: Summer 2014

Thank you everyone for participating this Spring! I've reviewed all the videos, and they were all excellent! This August will mark, I can't believe I'm saying this, the 10th anniversary of the opening of this website. A full decade. It's been wild! I can't wait to see what you all submit next!

As always:

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REVIEW: Criminal

Vidder Name: BlurryAngel07
Video Name: Criminal
Link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D1Tv8j2QxrA
Description: Tara can't help but be in love with Jax even if he is a criminal.

Review: So cool!! The cuts are so fast and well matched to the rhythm of the song. I like all the zooming and quick cuts. Nice use of split screen too. I can tell you put a lot of thought into matching the lyrics with scenes that made sense. The way you use similar effects (like the high contrast black and white) in several different places throughout the video is cool. It really ties the different scenes together. Well done!

REVIEW: Love the Way You Lie

Vidder Name: BlurryAngel07
Video Name: Love the Way You Lie
Description: EJ DiMera and Abigail Deveraux have a very dark and tumultuous relationship.

Review: I like that you used a log of edits and effects. It wasn't so much it was distracting, but it was obvious that you put a lot of work into this. I love all the rotations and zooming. The whole thing was very visually interesting in addition to showing an interesting story between the characters. Very nice!


Vidder Name: Holdt
Video Name: Home
Link to the page that contains the video: http://www.holdtvids.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18575379-home
Brief description: Fandom: MCU
Summary: Despite all his personal failings, Loki's long game is still in session. Loki's family is the root of his alienation, the fuel for his rage and the love he denies.
Character Study: Loki of Asgard

Review: Excellent editing! I love the fast moving cuts and the use of effects and trasnitions to keep the edits moving with the song. The overlays are lovely and creative. You definitely capture Loki's mental state very well with this video. Very interesting and well-executed video! Awesome job!

REVIEW: Stop and Stare

Vidder Name: strawberrybisque
Video Name: Stop and Stare
Link to the page that contains the video: https://vimeo.com/91535139
Brief description: Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) was involved in a car accident that killed his wife and son, or did it? Every time the detective goes to sleep he awakens to find one of the two is still alive. Is it either waking reality real, or is Michael going crazy? Only his psychologists (he has a different psychologist in each reality - an Asian male in one, and a Caucasian woman in the other) know about his problem. His co-workers have no idea what's going on with him and his alternate realities are causing him some trouble.

Review: You did a really good job of displaying this character's emotions through your scene choice and editing. The editing was very clean, and scene choices well-planned! I can tell you spent a lot of time considering how to best utilize the lyrics and rhythm of the song. Great job!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

REVIEW: Losses

idder Name: Galadriel
Video Name: Losses
Link to the page that contains the video: http://galadrielshome.yolasite.com/losses.php
Brief description: Their losses through the years. SGA/H50 crossover vid.

Review: What a touching video. You chose such beautiful scenes to show the characters' grief.  The way different sections of the song focused on different storylines was a great idea. It was almost like watching several little mini-videos. All the "goodbye" type scenes at the end were really sweet. Nicely done!

REVIEW: Knight of Wands

Vidder Name: Holdt
Video Name: Knight of Wands
Link to the page that contains the video: http://bit.ly/QttPHb
Brief description:
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairings: Daniel/Sha're, Daniel/Jack
Warnings: fast moving, beatwork & flashes, fun with metaphors
Summary: Daniel lives in a perpetual no-man's land of struggle and self-proof. Sometimes the fiercest battles happen without a ripple's warning. Jack refuses to let him fight alone.

Review: The way you use effects in this video is very cool! I like that you use similar effects in multiple places throughout the video. It really helps make the video feel unified. I love all the hectic cuts and effects. It's a perfect match for the emotional tone of the video! Great job!

REVIEW: Ain't Runnin' Away

Vidder Name: Holdt
Video Name: Ain't Runnin Away
Link to the page that contains the video: http://ravenholdt.dreamwidth.org/40740.html
Brief description:
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: language, moral relativism
Pairing: GEN/None
Summary: Lawful Good to Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral to Evil, PTSD finds everyone in the MCU, one way or another.
Music by Machine Gun Kelly

Review: Cool concept, and great editing. I love how you used quick cuts, dissolving transitions, and interesting effects. The way the edits follow along with the beats of the music is great! The way you did a little mini-character study of each person was so cool! I love it!

REVIEW: You Have a Choice

Vidder Name: Valika
Video Name: You Have a Choice
Link to the page that contains the video: Video page on Vimeo
Brief description: a Minority Report video, focused on Agatha/ John Anderton and their changing plus complicated relationship.

Review: Very cool! This video starts out incredibly intense and just keeping going! I love the overlays and slow dissolve transitions. The whole thing has a great, otherworldly tone, and you just took this concept and executed it beautifully! I loved the bit at 1:25. Awesome work!