Monday, March 31, 2014

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Awesome videos all around for this last round. I'm looking forward to what y'all come up with for this next round. I just labeled this one by season so that if I fall a little behind in posting reviews, it won't look like the window to submit videos is closed. We are always taking new submissions. Thanks again, everyone!

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REVIEW: Never Stop

Vidder Name: KRL2008
Video Name: Never Stop
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: A little multicouples vid to celebrate Valentine's Day

Review: This is super precious. I really liked the way you incorporated the lyrics. Sometimes printed lyrics can look a little cheesy, but these were really beautiful and definitely added to the vid. I didn't recognize all the couples, but I still felt deeply for all these fictional people. You really nailed it. this was just previous and beautiful. So sweet. I just love it. Way to go! Definitely my favorite couple video in a long time and one of the best multifandom vids I've seen. Awesome!

REVIEW: Fell on Black Days

Vidder Name: Andrea
Video Name: Fell on Black Days
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Willow is using too much magic - on occasions for the wrong reasons. Her overwhelming grief at Tara's death tips her into darkness.

Review: Awesome job! I can tell you put a ton of thought into this video! All th elyrics were thoughtfully matched. The video does a great job of telling the story of this plotline. The voice overs you used added a lot to the back-story without being distracting. Very dark and creepy, and very well done. Great job, as always!

REVIEW: Going Home

Vidder Name: Galadriel
Video Name: Going Home
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: After Major John Sheppard's arrival to Atlantis, he accidentally woke up the Wraith Queen, who guarded the City. But Galadriel, who is an Ancient, asked for his help to free and to drive home the City, back to Earth. She showed him what could have happened if he stayed and didn't go home, the Queen would defeat him too. Finally he successfully fulfilled his promise to Galadriel by killing the Queen and driving Atlantis back to home. Therefore Galadriel finally could join to the other ancients.

Review: It is very difficult to take scenes from multiple sources and make them all mesh together into a single story, but you really nailed it! Awesome job. The story line is clear and creative, and I've the way you used effects to make the scenes all seem to come from the same source. The whole video has a really cool smooth vibe. Nicely done!

REVIEW: Thank God It's Christmas

Vidder Name: Valika
Video Name: Thank God It's Christmas
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: I wish you a merry Christmas with this (older) Stargate video!

Review: What a sweet video! I love that you took all the sweetest scenes and combined them to make a video that shows such a sweet and joyful side of a show that could get pretty dark at times. This video is a great sentiment for the season and just a comforting enjoyable video to watch! Well done!

REVIEW: Katherine VS Elena † Anger

Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: Katherine VS Elena † Anger
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Just a nice way of showing what happens when you get mad at your shadow self.

Review: SUPER intense, girl! That was action packed and chock full of great edits and cool effects. You always do a great job of using color to unify all the scenes and of making videos that leave the audience wanting more. Great work!!