Saturday, December 14, 2013

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I loved all the videos from this past couple of months and can't wait to see what you all come up with next! Thanks for your participation, and please keep them coming!

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To all who celebrate it, I wish a very, very Merry Christmas!!


REVIEW: I'll Lay You Down

Vidder Name: Holdt
Video Name: I'll Lay You Down
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Warnings: flashes, fast cuts, dubstep editing, NSFW
Summary: When the wars are over, we'll find our piece of Heaven.

Review: Wow! 20 seconds into this video, I can already tell this was a TON of work. There are approximately a zillion edits in here! It all is so great too! The overlays look wonderful and the way you use quick cuts and effects is excellent. The video really holds the viewer's interest. Great work!

REVIEW: Hungry Like the Wolf

Vidder Name: strawberrybisque
Video Name: Hungry Like the Wolf
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description:A Teen Wolf multiple POV video that features a variety of mostly werewolf but some non-werewolf characters as well.

Review: I had a blast watching this! The fast pace of the editing keeps the video interesting, and you used some very cool visual effects. I love the sequence at about 1:18 where the overlay switches from b/w to color and back a couple of times. Very cool! Well done!

REVIEW: Where My Sins Are Nailed

Vidder Name: MariaPurt
Video Name: Where My Sins Are Nailed
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: A character study of the OUAT Evil Queen.

Review: SO gorgeous! You took a song with BIG drama, which can be hard to live up to, and really used it to its potential. The colorization and smooth flow of the editing created a really gorgeous visual. The way the edits in the video match the rhythm of the song so perfectly is awesome. Great job!!

REVIEW: Paranoia

Vidder Name: Galadriel
Video Name: Paranoia?
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: What happened with Patrick?

Review: The song, the scenes, and the editing all came together to cultivate this great sense of hectic confusion that was just so appropriate to this topic. Very nicely done!! I love the editing and effects that you used. The fisheye effect you used was awesome in this video! Fabulous work! I really enjoyed it!

REVIEW: Feeling Good

Vidder Name: Valika
Video Name: Feeling Good
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: We are not so different anyhow. Ceasar's journey.
The source is Rise of the Planet of the Apes (movie).

Review: What a great video! I love the fun, lighthearted feel of the music that matches so perfectly with the first of the video and then provides such a clever contrast to the second half of the video. This whole concept is just awesome. Perfect use of the lyrics and super smart reimagining of this song. Love it!

REVIEW: Katherine Pierce • Maneater

Vidder Name: bvcyrus
Video Name: Katherine Pierce • Maneater
Link to the page that contains the video:
Brief description: Another Katherine Pierce video, because she's just the most amazing Maneater ever!

Review: Okay. Love. Love. Love this. The colorful transitions with against the desaturated colors of the scenes looks so cool. The editing is fast and furious and the effects are impressive but not distracting. I absolutely love this! So cool! I wished it had been longer, but it's always a good thing to leave your audience wanting more!

REVIEW: Surrender

Vidder Name: Morgan

Video Name: Surrender

Link to the page that contains the video:

Brief description: Will Kevin forever deny that he and Ambrosius are soulmates, or will he surrender? (Warning: adult content)

Review: This video was extremely intense!I liked that you balanced slow fades with quick cuts to keep the pace of the video moving without being too predictable. Your editing was very conscious of the tone of music during different parts of the song, which is always really cool to see! Nice job!

REVIEW - Meat Pies

Vidder Name: KitKat

Video Name: Meat Pies

Link to the page that contains the video:

Brief description: Angelus and Drusilla are cooking up something evil in Sunnydale.

Review: So funny. The way you manipulate the scenes to make it seem the characters are talking. This song was especially such a great match for Drusilla. Very creative! I can tell you put a lot of thought into this video because all the scenes match the lyrics so well. Wonderful job!